If only I had gone...

No, I don't own an olive grove.

No, I do not like climbing on trees.

Yes, I would have liked to be there!

People who know me are aware that I sometimes escape to Sardinia. I have a little house there and good friends, with whom I share the joys and sufferings of the villagers' life.

When they told me they would have to cut down a couple of excess olive trees I was appalled, I protested and in spirit I chained myself to those trees.


So I was assigned two of their trees, that I could save.

I've also got a guilty conscience. I was never there for the harvest, all these years. It happens only every other year, it wouldn't be asking too much. Really.

Yes, the house has no heating, but does one really need it at the end of October?

Isn't a warm blanket enough?

Woolen socks and fleece?


I saw the pictures. This year the weather was gorgeous and the temperatures lovely.

And I wasn't there.


But two years from now, there will be another harvest!

Photos: HG and friends