World Vegan Day

Let us be clear, I'm not a Vegan (nor am I a vegetarian). But Veganism as a theme is very popular right now, and I can't help having a few thoughts about it. To eat a vegan diet means to renounce all animal products. Not only won't there be any meat or fish on the menu, dairy, eggs, honey etc. are off limits as well. Vegans won't kill animals or in any way use them.

It's a very restrictive diet, so I ask myself why? Emotionally I can comprehend not killing or eating animals. But animal husbandry is very tightly connected to human culture. Many animal species only survive because of their use to us. Are there any populations that are traditionally vegan? I don't believe so.

I rather think Veganism is the answer to today's intensive, industrial livestock farming methods, which involves much suffering on the part of the animals. It's a possible response.

However, I do appreciate the history, the traditional ingredients and cooking methods. I'm not ready to forgo them. But I am concerned and I do buy from producers that practice a more ethical husbandry.

And as often the case, I do believe, less is more.

For dinner, an improvised and all together vegan Pumpkin-Potato-Carrot-Coriander Root soup with Olive Oil and Piment d'Espelette, with a slice of bread.